All students deserve access to a 21st century classroom learning environment. It is extremely evident that the evolution of classrooms and classroom furniture has vastly changed throughout the years and continues to do so. The saying “changing with the times” can be applied to the way you plan and design your 21st century classroom. The EDI Project Solutions team can help you create your very own classroom with ALL the concepts and designs of the 21st century.

Before planning your 21st century classroom, it is important to understand what exactly a 21st century learning environment is composed of, from the furniture to the actual teaching concepts of today’s 21st century teachers. A 21st century classroom focuses on creating a more engaging classroom environment for the students.

Collaboration has become a KEY component of many classroom environments and teaching methods. With a collaborative classroom, students are more engaged, better collaborators, and gain communication skills. Collaboration has also been found to improve the socializing skills between ALL students from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. It has truly been shown to narrow the achievement gap among students while breaking the boundaries of diversity.

A fully engaged, collaborative learning environment should consist of furniture that allows for both group and individual work, is technology friendly, and overall enhances the idea of a more student centered classroom.

The 21st century classroom has done away with the traditional classroom setting with desks in rows and the teacher-centered approach. Classrooms today are now becoming more student-centered with the teacher acting as a facilitator or a coach there to guide, direct, and facilitate their students.