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    PlanSpec- A Turn-key Solution for the 21st Century

              There is a lot to think about when designing and filling a new institution with new furniture that meets desired pedagogical outcomes in a timely manner. Imagine having to determine if what you have been buying will meet the needs of the future generations. Everything from color, texture, to functionality and quantity must be considered BEFORE taking action. Data must be furnished and opinions garnered from a variety of sources in order to understand the focus of each discipline. Special needs, learning modalities and even social economic issues will only exacerbate your project design goals.

              The latest studies show that the traditional classroom layout is best suited for auditory learners which only make up a fraction of the classroom population! Past learning environments were designed for teacher instruction through lecturing- the least effective teaching modality! Keeping students engaged in this type of classroom is a challenge.

              The current solution rests with the collaborative learning environments that prescribe to the 21st Century.  Today’s education is training for future careers that do not even exist yet! We need to teach for the new skills needed for the future. Communications through technology, collaboration and cooperation have proven instrumental to modern learning environments. Architects, designers, teachers and administrators all play an important role in developing these new inviting and engaging environments.  Color, texture, lighting, mobility and flexibility are just a few of the considerations these professionals must address for classroom success.

              Planspec is a unique turnkey system that addresses each of the above stated challenges by drawing on our 21st Century certified experts and their specialized database of suitable furniture lines that meet today’s higher standards. They ensure that suitable options are afforded to you to engage the lifelong learners so that discipline issues are lessened while interaction in the new global community is heightened. Our designers and space planners contribute stunning visual renderings that augment texture, color and lighting for dramatic and stimulating effect. Our seasoned factory trained sales consultants draw on their experience to ensure that environments are not only mobile and flexible but also cooperative, technologically friendly and collaborative. Planspec takes your proposed vision and turns it into a modern reality.  Planspec IS the very best solution to effective classroom design and implementation!

              Planspec manages each step of this challenging process inclusive but not limited to: Designing/space planning, product selection, budgeting, procurement, scheduling/logistics, time definite delivery, installation, reporting and multi-year warranty follow-up.

    “Experience The Difference” with the very best the Project Managed Service industry has to offer!

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    What to Consider When Installing School Furniture

              The installation of school furniture can easily become an arduous task for busy School Professionals. While there is little doubt that small scale installations can be successfully coordinated and implemented by most institutions, larger- high volume installations may require a team of personnel to coordinate successfully. Your employees already have assigned responsibilities that usually do not include putting their daily work aside in order to project manage a large installation site. Remember that there is a cost associated with distracting your employees so that they become inefficient in their responsibilities. You will find that you will be better off allowing your personnel to usual duties while outsourcing this additional temporary task to a trusted project management specialist. Since such projects tend to be temporary in nature, the typical price of hiring them can be attractive if you engage the services of a professional company with an existing relationship. Any company “worth their salt” will be glad for the opportunity to report to just one point of contact and to be left to do what they are best at.

    More Benefits to Hiring Installers

              Another additional benefit to outsourcing installation services to a professional third party relates to minimizing employee healthcare and related benefit expenses due to the risk of injury to your personnel. By exempting your employees from this labor, you better control overall benefit costs for everyone else.

              Although you may have to pay a fee to hire professional installers, this fee may pale compared to the potential damaging of the very important goods you are installing. Most professional installation teams will indemnify you while assuming the liability for damage and shortages.  Furthermore, much school furniture will require tedious or complicated assembly that can easily jeopardize a time sensitive schedule. Let the trained professionals take care of this very important task. Remain focused on managing your existing responsibilities while communicating with the hired Installers for the need to have accurate reports and completed timely actions.  Aligning your resources to those of trained professionals will surely result in well implemented projects completed at break neck speeds.

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    Why Should 21st Century School Furniture be Assessed?

              Industry experts heavily emphasize the need to assess furniture functionality for a specific environment prior to undergoing the ritualistic procurement process. An alignment of the furniture functionality and capabilities with the proposed environment will typically result in a positive outcome.

              For example, assessing the range of furniture functionality and marrying it to the pedagogical objectives of a planned environment is in keeping with all 21st Century classroom goals.

    Helps project managers to get a better idea about the overall project

              Initiating any job with a proper understanding of the desired outcome is a crucial aspect for all space planners, budgeting officers and pedagogical specialists. From it onset, this kind of assessment helps the budget process better understand the expenditure as it relates to desired outcomes. A better understanding of the type, quantity, and composition of this furniture will also allow for a proactive approach to staff, training and deadlines.

    It helps to mark down costs

              Assessment also directly impacts the budget outcome by better leveraging the pricing to an economy of scale approach to purchasing. Costs, Freight, and even installation services and costs may be further mitigated when a clearer understanding of the scope of work is afforded to project managers.

    Provides the best overall results

              An Assessment will also help better understand the general capabilities of the designated population. This approach allows for the direct application of furniture onto a specified population, grade or gender to achieve a desired outcome.  It is now clear that the procurement process can and should be part of the collaborative effort needed to ensure successful learning environments. This collaborative effort can only lead to the creation of High Impact Learning Environments. Working together will allow for the design and building of dynamically ergonomic learning spaces that are as inviting and engaging as they are diverse for students.


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